Septic Tank Pumping in Exeter, RI

Every couple of years, homeowners should consider septic tank pumping in Exeter, Washington County, and North Kingstown, RI. Pumping removes the sludge and buildups from within a tank, restoring its function to a higher level of efficiency and helping to prevent many problems that can come from an overfull tank. If the time has come for your tank’s next septic pumping or you’re not sure if it’s due, contact Rhode Island Septic Services Inc. for assistance.

Septic Pumping

Complete Pumping Services

Not only do we provide routine septic pumping to tanks, we’re also able to help determine the status of your tank and its routine pumping demands. Let our team evaluate your tank’s capacity, usage and sludge buildup to advise you on the proper course of action for caring for it. We’ll help you prevent things like backflow and leach field blockages, which could have a hefty cost to fix. Our pumping capabilities include:

  • Septic tank and system locating on the property
  • Line snaking to remove blockages and buildups
  • Filter cleaning and replacement if required
  • Visual inspections of leach field
  • Build up tank covers to ground level with risers or rings
  • Microbial culture treatment to keep system clean and odor free
  • Hydrogen peroxide administration for faulty systems
  • Visual pump inspections

In addition to septic tank pumping services, we also offer pumping for traditional cesspools. We make it our mission to serve homeowners no matter what type of waste processing system they have.

Grease Trap Pumping

If your commercial business operates a grease trap or other reservoir, you must also consider the need for routine grease trap pumping in Rhode Island. We have the ability to provide this service to a wide range of different customers including restaurants, nursing homes, trailer parks and condominiums. We generally work with outdoor grease traps and can help you determine the condition and integrity of your trap while we’re servicing it.

Septic Pumping Experts

For additional information about septic and cesspool pumping or to inquire about grease trap pumping, please contact Rhode Island Septic Services Inc. today at (401) 397-3167.

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